UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

1989 is always at the fore front of our work

  • Youth Connect is a service young people engage with on a voluntary basis.

  • Compliments and supports school and college based education by encouraging and providing other opportunities for young people to achieve and fulfil their potential.

  • Respects and values individual differences by supporting and strengthening young people’s belief in themselves and their capacity to grow and change.

  • Works with other agencies which contribute to young people’s social and personal development through a model of integrated working.

  • Seeks to go beyond where young people start, in particular by encouraging them to be critical and creative in their responses to their experience and the world around them.

  • Informally educates young people to make informed decisions about their choices and future.

  • Helps young people with opportunities to engage and experience new skills and activities.

  • Supports young people’s transition into adulthood through high quality services including independent information, guidance and advice.

  • Works to ensure the empowerment and participation of the young person is central to the way we work.

  • Enables young people to grow and develop holistically.

  • The voice of the young person is central throughout all our work.

  • Works in partnership with young people in the operation and development of our services.

  • Actively responsive to the wider networks of peers, communities and cultures which are important to young people.

  • All work is accountable and well evidenced through good quality recording, evaluation and reflective practise.

  • Keeping young people safe and safe guarding is central to the way we work.


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