Personal Budgets

Under the EHC Needs Assessment process, parents and young people have the right to request a Personal Budget. Personal Budgets are a way for parent/carers or young people (post compulsory school age, who have capacity under the Mental Health Act) to gain increased control over the services and support available to them. Personal Budgets should not be confused with direct payments (although a Personal Budget can be taken as a direct payment) and can only be used to help work towards meeting the outcomes and delivering the provision included in a child or young person's Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan.

There are four potential ways to manage a Personal Budget:Personal Budgets

1) Receive as a direct payment, using the money to buy services directly yourself, or through a nominated person.

2) Managed by the Local Authority or the Clinical Commissioning Group, who will organise the support/services.

3) Managed by a third party, such as a school or voluntary service.

4) Or a combination of the above.

Personal Budgets as part of the Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Reforms aim to put the parent/carer or young person in control of the support and services they receive. Please see our Personal Budgets policy which outlines Bath and North East Somerset Council's approach for delivering Personal Budgets.    

Information, Advice and Support

Bath and North East Somerset Council have produced a useful FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about Personal Budgets and how they work (a Microsoft Word version is also available).

If you need support or further advice regarding Personal Budgets, please visit our Information, Advice and Support page.

*NEW* The Low Income Tax Reform Group have also produced a set of 9 factsheets on tax and national insurance responsibilities if you are taking on a personal assistant through a Personal Budget. They can also be found below:

  1. Taking on a Personal Assistant
  2. Tax employment status
  3. Registering as an employer
  4. Choosing a filing method
  5. Real Time Information (RTI)
  6. Paper Filer Employers
  7. 'Pay' for tax and NIC purposes
  8. Making payments
  9. Getting more help


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