Most children will have their health needs met by community health professionals such as GPs, Health Visitors and School Nurses.  However  for those who have additional needs, there are a range of other specialist services provided across B&NES that support children and young people with additional needs. Our searchable Local Offer, Rainbow Resource provides further information on the following services: 

What is a Designated Medical Officer (DMO)?

The Children’s and Families Act places a requirement on local partners across Health, Education and social care to work together to improve outcomes for children and young people who have special educational needs. The SEND Code of Practice suggests that each Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) should have a Designated Medical Officer (DMO) or Dedicated Clinical Officer (DCO) who can play a key role in supporting local arrangements and to support Clinical Commissioning Groups in fulfilling their obligations towards improving outcomes for children and young people.  

What are Designated Medical Officer (DMO) arrangements in BANES?

There are significant variations nationally in how this role has been introduced.  In Bath and North East Somerset we have decided to share the responsibilities and duties expected of the Designated Medical Officer across three different professional roles. These are:

  • A Consultant Paediatrician  who has been allocated additional time to provide both strategic and clinical input to support local SEND processes

  • A Children’s Continuing Care Nurse Manager who will fulfil the role of Designated Clinical Officer to support individual input and coordinate services for children with complex health needs.

  • A Children’s Health Commissioner who supports the analysis of information and strategic decision making around SEND

Both the Designated Clinical Officer and Children’s Health Commissioner sit on all SEND and SENDIP (Early Years) Panels and approve the health elements of each plan.

Information, advice and support.

If you would like to know more or you have any particular queries around health provision for SEND in Bath and North East Somerset or would like to make contact with the Designated Medical Officer, Designated Clinical Officer or Children’s Health Commissioner please call the Information and Advice Officer for SEND and Additional Needs on 01225 394382 or email SEND_PartnershipService@BATHNES.GOV.UK

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