“The training courses I have attended have been very informative, very beneficial and well worth completing”

-B&NES foster carer

As a foster carer you will have a statutory requirement to complete training, this is an opportunity to learn new skills as we can. Consequently Bath and North East Somerset Council and South Gloucestershire Council work in partnership to provide a comprehensive training programme for foster carers, as well as Family Link carers and adopters. 

The training runs throughout the year and following approval you are encouraged to take an active role in your on-going development, with an expectation that you access at least four training events each year, and complete the core training courses within the first 2 years. Help and advice is always available, so don’t worry if you have not studied for a while or you need extra support.

"BANES provide excellent training and meet all the needs a foster carer requires”

-B&NES foster carer

“Training is very varied, essential and supportive”

-B&NES foster carer

“The training is very good and offers a huge range of topics”

-B&NES foster carer

“Training also provides encouragement, information and reassurance from other foster carers”

-B&NES foster carer

Training changes so we try and offer a diverse programme responding to trends. We don't charge you for any of the courses we offer.

We also offer a wide variety of courses online to help meet the needs of carers who are unable to attend in person.  

Regular opportunities are also provided for you to meet with other foster carers at events and Coffee and Learn mornings.

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