Foster Carer Allowances
and other rates 2016/17

Fostering allowances

Bath & North East Somerset, in line with national standards, is keen to ensure that foster carers receive appropriate financial support when caring for a child or young person.  Foster carers will receive a weekly allowance for each child or young person which is paid on a fortnightly basis. Payments will be made by direct transfer into a bank, or building society account.

We believe that fostering payments should reflect the real costs of looking after a foster child and these payments include amounts for clothing and pocket money. 

Additional allowances are also payable – including for holidays, birthdays and a festival allowance - which is usually paid at Christmas.


All carers receive the age related allowance:-
In addition all carers could achieve the basic fee and some will also be eligible for enhanced fee. Foster carers are not eligible to receive Child Benefit for a foster child. For more information about financial matters contact us or consult your Foster Carer Handbook.

Age of Child or Young Person Weekly Allowance
Weekly Allowance plus basic fee (£50) All-inclusive amount for those in receipt of enhanced fee
(£70.00 for 0 -10 years, £125.00 for 11-17 years)

0-4 yrs £143.00 £193.00 £263.00
5-10 yrs £162.89 £212.89 £282.89
11-15 yrs £202.78 £252.78 £377.78
16 yrs + £246.68 £296.68 £421.68

Family Link Rates

Daytime rate (from 1st April 2016) = £7.00 per hour.

Proposed overnight rates (2016/17)

Lower rate £50.00

Higher rate £60.00


Income Support and Working Families Tax Credit are not affected by the foster care allowance, though the fostered child cannot be included in the family’s claim.


Additional equipment you need to help you care for the child can be provided on loan, for instance beds, bedding, car seats, smoke alarms, stair gates, etc.

We can help with starting up grants and any extras can be requested via your Family Placement Team social worker or childs' social worker. 


Bath & North East Somerset has arranged specific insurance relating to foster care.  Details are available on request.  Foster carers need to inform their household and motor vehicle insurers of their fostering status.

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