Fostering involves the whole family, when you choose to foster your children will be fostering too. It is therefore important that they understand exactly what fostering means and what it will mean for them. The following pages have been tailored to explain fostering to children and young people, and encourage them to ask their parents questions about fostering.

What does foster care mean for me?

Your family has chosen to be a foster family for children who can no longer be cared for by their own parents or family. 

You are going to be involved in fostering, it's important for you to ask your family and the people who help them do their fostering job, a social worker, any questions about it that you have. How it makes you feel, if it worries you, how long children will be staying, or if you just don't understand what is happening.

Sometimes the children who come to live with you may have a disability and your family will be able to help give the people who look after them a rest, as sometimes it can be tiring looking after someone with additional needs.

Fostering is like applying for a really important job. When this happens people will come to your house to see your family. Sometimes they will need to speak to you about how you feel about fostering. It is important that you say how you feel, it is your home as well.

Like any new job you will be given some training about how fostering might affect your family and possibly you- be prepared!

There is a group for children whose family foster. The group meets regularly and its not just a group that is about talking! We do lots of fun things as well which you choose.

This means you won't know much about them. Living in a different house with different rules and not having your favourite things with you can be really hard. You can help them by making them feel welcome and being friendly.

Before the foster child comes to stay, you will be told as much as your parents and social worker can tell you but, sometimes the child can arrive in a bit of a hurry. Asking your family questions is good and telling them how fostering is making you feel is very important. Fostering can sometimes feel strange at first and it might make you feel upset or angry. it is important that you keep talking to people around you, including the social worker who visits your family regularly, their job is to support you and your parents.  

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