There are so many benefits of getting out and about for people with sight and/or hearing loss.

Various groups, activities and services in Bath and North East Somerset will help you to keep active and involved in your community. If you already have a care and support plan, it may include some of these groups, classes, activities and services.

If you have not yet spoken to anyone about your care and support needs, find out how to get information and advice about care and support so you can learn about what groups, activities and services might suit you best.

If you struggle to get around without support, don’t let that stop you from getting out and about. Find out about transport schemes on offer locally if you find it hard to get around and use public transport.

Find the information or support you are looking for on Wellbeing Options - a website containing lots of useful information about local care providers, clubs, services and activities, along with links to other useful websites and resources.

Our local partner VisionPLUS also offers information, advice, one-to-one guidance for people with sight loss. They also run drop in sessions, social groups and other activities.

The national organisation Sense for deafblind people offers plenty of information and services for deafblind people so they can live as independently as possible and participate fully in the lives of their local communities.

Our local partner DeafPlus offers advocacy along with information and advice.

National organisation Action on Hearing Loss also offers information and advice for people wtih hearing loss.

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