How Will This Help Me?

The pre-application advice service will help you to:

  • make your application correctly and reduce unnecessary delays;
  • understand how Council policies apply to your application; and
  • save time and money by understanding when an application is unacceptable.

Which Applications Can I Get Advice For?

We offer the advice service for the following types of Licensing Act 2003 applications:

  • Premises Licence (New Application, Full Variation, Minor Variation, DPS Variation, Transfer)
  • Club Premises Certificate (New Application)
  • Temporary Event Notice (New Application)

How Much Does it Cost?

The fee is £90 (including VAT) for each type of application.

What Will I Get?

Pre-Application advice and assistance will include:

  • Advice and assistance in completing the application form;
  • Advice on appropriate conditions;
  • Advice on drawing up plans;
  • Advice on nominating an appropriate Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS);
  • Assistance with advertising and statutory notices;
  • On site visits and/or face to face meetings should they be required;
  • A written report based on the advice given.

How Do I Apply for Pre-Application Advice?

Complete the following online request form and submit to us:

Online Request for Pre-Application Advice

On receipt we will telephone you to take payment by card.  We will then arrange for an officer to contact you to provide the advice service.

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