How Will This Help Me?

Our pre-application advice and business support service will help you to:

  • make your application correctly and reduce unnecessary delays;
  • understand how Council policies apply to your application; and
  • save time and money by understanding when an application is unacceptable.

Which Applications Can I Get Advice For?

We offer the advice service mainly for the following types of Licensing Act 2003 applications:

  • Premises Licence (New Application, Full Variation, Minor Variation, DPS Variation, Transfer)
  • Club Premises Certificate (New Application)
  • Temporary Event Notice (New Application)

Advice is also available for some other licence types such as animal licences.

How Much Does it Cost?

The fee is £90 (including VAT) for each type of application.

What Will I Get?

Pre-Application advice and assistance will include:

  • Advice and assistance in completing the application form;
  • Advice on appropriate conditions;
  • Advice on drawing up plans;
  • Advice on nominating an appropriate Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS);
  • Assistance with advertising and statutory notices;
  • On site visits and/or face to face meetings should they be required;
  • A written report based on the advice given.

How Do I Apply for Pre-Application Advice?

Complete the following online request form and submit to us:

Online Request for Pre-Application Advice

On receipt we will telephone you to take payment by card.  We will then arrange for an officer to contact you to provide the advice service.

For information regarding how we use your personal data please see the link to the privacy notice at the bottom of this page.

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