Safety at Sports Grounds Certificate


If you operate a sports ground in England, Scotland or Wales that holds more than 10,000 spectators (more than 5,000 spectators for Premier League or Football League matches) you are required to hold a safety certificate, under the Safety of Sports Grounds Act 1975.


You may apply for:

  • A general safety certificate - for the use of a designated sports ground for a specified activity, or activities, during an indefinite period;
  • A general safety certificate - for the use of a regulated stand
  • A special safety certificate - for the use of a sports ground for a specified activity or activities on a specified occasion or occasions.


  • £2345 for a designated sports ground/stadium
  • £1164 for a regulated stand
  • £110 for a special safety certificate

Application Form

Please use the following online application form to apply for a certificate and make your payment:

Along with your application form you will also need to submit the following:

  • Plans
  • Operational Management Plan
  • Fire Risk Assessment

Further information is available on the website at:

Please contact Licensing Services if you would like us to send you an application form to complete by hand.

Eligibility Criteria 

The premises/sports ground must be designated as a sports ground by the Secretary of State.


To be eligible for a safety certificate, you must be likely to be in a position to prevent contravention of the terms and conditions of a certificate.


Please use the Online Application Form to apply for a certificate and make your payment.  Payment must be made at the same time as you submit your application.


Keep a copy of the completed form for your own records.


There is no statutory period for determining applications; however, we aim to determine applications within 35 days.


On receipt of a valid application we will carry out a 35 day consultation with:

  • The Chief Officer of Police
  • Building Control
  • Fire Authority
  • South West Ambulance Trust

If we receive no objections to your application we can then issue the licence.

Tacit Consent 

Tacit consent does not apply.  It is in the public interest that the authority must process your application before it can be granted.  If you have not heard from the local authority within a reasonable period, please contact Licensing Services.

Right of Appeal 

Please contact Licensing Services in the first instance.


Any applicant who is refused a safety certificate because they are not considered to be an eligible person can appeal to to Bath Magistrates' Court.


An applicant who is refused a special safety certificate may also appeal to the Magistrates court against a refusal of his application based on grounds other than a decision that they are not an eligible person.


Any licence holder who wishes to appeal against a condition attached to, or the omission of anything from, their safety certificate, or against the refusal to amend or replace a safety certificate, may appeal to the Magistrates court. They may also appeal to the county court against an order of the Magistrate's court.


Appeals must be made to Bath Magistrates' Court within 21 days.


You must follow the terms and conditions attached to the certificate, e.g. keeping safety maintenance or attendance records. Locally authorised officers can inspect the grounds and records at any time.


If you have a general safety certificate you must also tell the council before making any changes to the grounds or installations.


Under the legislation the local authority has ongoing control and powers of enforcement so as to ensure reasonable standards of safety are maintained.


The legislation allows for the issue of prohibition notices to prevent spectator access to any sports ground or part when it is considered a safety risk is immediate.


You can apply to have your safety certificate amended, replaced or transferred to another person. 


If you don’t follow the terms and conditions of your safety certificate, or you operate a sports ground without one, this can result in a fine and/or imprisonment for up to two years.


Guidance is available on the website at:

Please contact Licensing Services for further guidance.

Relevant Legislation

Trade Associations 

Customer Complaints 

If you have a complaint about a trader, we would advise you first to contact the trader – preferably by letter with proof of delivery.  If that is unsuccessful and you are in the UK, the Citizens Advice Bureau will assist you.  If you are outside of the UK, contact the UK European Consumer Centre.


If you believe a premises is operating without a valid certificate , please contact Licensing Services. 

Further Information 

For details of premises with current certificates in place, please visit our Licensing Database website.


Additional contact details.

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