New Regulations

The new animal welfare regulations will come into force on 1 October 2018.

A single "Animal Licence" will replace the requirement for separate licences for animal boarding, dog breeding, pet shops, riding establishments and performing animals.

In addition, the provision of day care for dogs will now also require an Animal Licence.

All licences issued from 1 October 2018 will be subject to general conditions.  There will also be specific conditions relating to the type of activities being licenced.  Further details of these conditions are available via the following links:

You should also read the guidance that has been provided by DEFRA to assist you in running your animal business to meet the requirements of the new legislation.  This is available at:

Existing Licence Holders

You will need to apply for a new Animal Licence before your existing licence expires, but we will contact each of you directly about this.

Further Advice and Support

We have provided all the relevant information on these webpages, including links to the legislation, conditions and guidance notes from DEFRA.  However, if you would like additional support with any aspect of your application, renewal etc. we offer a pre-application/business support advice service for more bespoke advice and support.  Further information on this service is available at:

Animal Licence


Allows you to run a business carrying out one or more of the following activities:  Selling Animals as Pets; Providing Boarding for Cats or Dogs; Hiring Out Horses; Breeding Dogs; and Keeping or Training Animals for Exhibition

Do I need an animal licence?

How much does an animal licence cost?

How long does an licence last for?

How do I apply for an animal licence?

Further information about animal licences

Dangerous Wild Animals (DWA) Licence

SnakeAllows you to keep wild, dangerous or exotic animals.

Do I need a DWA licence?

How much does a DWA licence cost?

How long does a DWA licence last for?

How do I apply for a DWA licence?

Further information about DWA licences

Zoo Licence

ElephantsAllows you to display wild animals to the public.

Do I need a zoo licence?

How much does a zoo licence cost?

How long does a zoo licence last for?

How do I apply for a zoo licence?

Further information about zoo licences

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