The plan for economic growth and development within Bath and North East Somerset is set out within the Economic Strategy Document and the Draft Core Strategy provides the framework for the delivery of the provisions set out within the Economic Strategy.  The Economic Strategy was reviewed and updated in 2014.

These key documents are supplemented by various additional pieces of work which update the Economic Strategy and report on particular economic sectors and the economic profiles of the various areas of the Authority:

Delivering the Draft Core Strategy in the Somer Valley.

The 2006 Economic Overview for Bath and North East Somerset - with data covering population, labour market, travel to work, housing and education - has largely been superceded by the 2011 census data which is available via Nomis

In 2012, Mickledore were comissioned to report on the creative industries in Bath and North East Somerset and how best the Council can work to support this vital sector for the local economy.  Supporting documents are available - Stage 1 and Stage 2 recommendations.

Also in 2012 a report was commissioned to provide an evidence-based insight into the locally owned ‘Independent Business Sector’ and its contribution to the Bath and North East Somerset economy. The report establishes the direct contribution of local independent businesses to the Bath and North East Somerset economy in terms of economic output, employment and incomes and examines potential indirect contributions through the supply chain.

This page will be updated with additional information as white papers or new government initiatives are announced and plublished which are relevant to Economic Development within Bath and North East Somerset and the West of England. 

Additional economic information not available via the above data sources related to a specific sector or theme, can be requested from the Economic Development Service or 01225 394285

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