If your property is situated within the Bath and Somer Valley Enterprise Zone you could be eligible to receive Enterprise Zone Relief up to state aid limits.

You can use our online map to check whether your property is within the Enterprise Zone. Enter your postcode in the 'search for a location' box and then select your address from the list. The area covered by the Enterprise Zone is shaded in dark green.  

Eligible businesses must fulfil the following criteria;

  • They must employ at least five full-time equivalent employees within the enterprise zone area.
  • The property must be rateably occupied.

Ratepayers resident within the Enterprise Zone from before 01.04.2017

  • 50% relief will be awarded where the ratepayer can show that the number of full-time equivalent jobs created within the enterprise area has increased by more than 20% since 01.04.2017.
  • 100% relief will be awarded where the ratepayer can show that the number of full-time equivalent jobs created within the enterprise area has increased by more than 30% since 01.04.2017.
  • The award of relief will take effect from the date that the number of employees increased by the qualifying percentage. 

Ratepayers who become resident in the Enterprise Zone from 01.04.2017 onwards

  • 100% relief will be awarded, subject to occupation of the property by at least five full-time equivalent employees
  • Restrictions will be imposed on the duration of the award where changes in occupation are between linked ratepayers; for example where one is a parent company of another.

Awards of relief will not be backdated more than 6 months after the financial year to which the application relates. Providing the qualifying criteria continue to be met, the length of the awards may continue for up to five years. It is intended that applications for relief will be accepted until 31.03.2022.

State aid

Awards such as Enterprise Zone Relief are required to comply with the EU law on state aid. You must declare whether you have received any other De Minimis State Aid, including any other relief you are being granted for premises other than the one your current application relates to, and confirm that the award of Enterprise Zone Relief does not exceed the €200,000.00 an undertaking can receive under the De Minimis Regulations EC 1407/2013.

In terms of declaring previous De Minimis aid, we are only interested in public support which is De Minimis aid (state aid received under other exemptions or public support which is not state aid does not need to be declared).

For more information visit GOV.UK.

Apply for Enterprise Zone Relief

Any awards of relief will be conditional on the Council being satisfied that the qualifying criteria are met and to that end we may request evidence and information to support your application.

After you have applied for Enterprise Zone Relief

We will assess your entitlement and send you an amended bill if you qualify. You must tell us about any changes which may affect your entitlement to rate relief or an exemption. If you do not report a change, you may pay an incorrect amount for Business Rates and may even be investigated for fraud. If you would like more information on what changes to report please contact us.

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