Bath & North East Somerset Council aim to provide a caring, sensitive and professional service to bereaved families and their loved ones, offering support and advice regarding aspects of funerals and memorials.

Bereavement Services consists of a crematorium, 2 open cemeteries and 31 closed cemeteries and churchyards across the county. We are based at Haycombe Cemetery and Crematorium which is situated on the southern edge of Bath.

Bereavement Services

Because Bath & North East Somerset recognises that bereavement means you have to make decisions at a time when you are least prepared to deal with them emotionally, these pages are designed to provide you with the following:

Clear instructions (in writing) of whether you would prefer to be buried or cremated may be helpful to  your next of kin or executor when you die. Such instructions are not binding in law, so you are not committing them to something they may not be able to carry out. But it will reassure them if they are doubtful and give guidance if they are completely unaware of what you would have liked.

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