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For waste collection reminders when the new service starts in November, sign up for the SMS text service.

Text your postcode to: 07520 631700

Check your bin allocation

You can now check your new bin allocation in advance of the 6th November changes.

Check your new bin allocation


Image showing which recycling types are changing and which are staying the same

Figures show that locally, the average black plastic bin bag is still being more than half-filled with recyclable items such as food – which is leading to ripped bags spilling waste onto the streets. Providing wheeled bins or gull-proof sacks across the authority will help to reduce the amount of rubbish on the streets – particularly food waste –and will help tackle the scavenger problem.

As 75% of household waste can be recycled, the actual volume of rubbish being placed in the black bin can be reduced significantly for most local households. The experience of families elsewhere and the Council’s own tests show that the average household which recycles all of their waste would still have space left in their bin by collection day.

There may be areas in central Bath that are not suitable for every other week collections of rubbish and the Council is working with ward councillors, Residents Associations and other groups to come up with the right solution.

Request to change your bin allocation

Wherever possible we ask that you recycle as much as you can and use the waste container provided. However we recognise that there are exceptions, if this is the case you may...

Request to change your bin allocation

We will assess your request during the next six weeks and respond to you.



Look out for your personalised letter in March

We will write to you to let you know how the changes affect you - your letter will let you know whether we have allocated your property a wheeled bin or re-useable rubbish bag, and the frequency of your rubbish collection. Most residents will receive this letter with their Council Tax Bill which is being mailed out from 9 March, so please keep a look out and read this important information.

Please make sure you read our FAQ about the coming changes!

Calling all recyclers - we want to hear from you.  We need all kinds of resident recyclers to star in our campaign in 2017. Instead of using generic pictures, we want real Bath and North East Somerset residents! We want you to show us how you recycle, to encourage others to recycle more, and to help them get ready for the change to every other week rubbish collections starting in November. If you're interested in becoming a recycling star please email or click here for more information.

To make it easier for you to recycle more you can now order free recycling containers online

You can also order recycling containers from Council Connect 01225 39 40 41

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