What do we collect?

  • Electronic devices; phones, mobile phones, chargers, remote controls, radios, VCRs, digiboxes, speakers, hi-fi units, speakers, cameras, calculators, electronic toys and lots more
  • Electrical personal care; hairdryers, hair straighteners, electric toothbrushes, hair trimmers, shavers, hair curlers, facial saunas, power showers and lots more
  • Electrical appliances; kettles, toasters, irons, blenders, sandwich toasters, coffee machines, whisks, breadmakers, electric scales, smoothie makers, lamps (with the light bulbs and shades removed) and lots more
  • DIY and garden electricals; drills, power tools, jigsaws, angle grinders and lots more.

What don't we collect?

  • TVs and PC monitors
  • Large printers
  • Fridges
  • Freezers
  • Washing machines
  • Cookers
  • Microwave ovens
  • Lawn mowers
  • Fluorescent tubes and light bulbs

All of these items can be taken to your local Recycling Centre instead.

Please no items with leaking batteries or broken glass which could harm our crews.

Putting out your waste correctly

Put your small electrical items in an untied carrier bag and place next to your green recycling box - don't worry if the items get wet. Remember to remove any batteries first and put these in a plastic bag at the top of your green box.

This service is part of our weekly recycling and waste collection.

You can order a green recycling box via our ordering a container webpage.

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