What do we collect?

We provide a chargeable collection service for large items, including fridges and freezers.

We can collect up to ten items. Anything bigger than a microwave is classed as one item. To get an idea of what we class as more than one item please see below:

  • One item - combined fridge freezer; fence panel; single wardrobe; internal door; two black sacks full of smaller items (e.g. toasters, kettles etc);
  • Two items - bedframe and mattress;
  • Three items - dining table and 4 chairs; three piece suite.

We cannot collect the following:

Large American fridge freezers, double length range cookers, sofabeds (unless they’re dismantled), carpets; soil, earth, stones, concrete, bricks and building rubble; broken up sheds and garages; oil tanks and coal bunkers (concrete or metal); tiles and fittings; storage heaters (with asbestos); glass; vehicle parts of any kind (tyres, engines etc.); hazardous items; paint; garden waste; pianos; garage doors; patio doors and windows; boilers; garden chemicals.

Our charges from 1 April 2017 are as follows. In brackets is the discounted rate available for people receiving council tax benefit, local housing benefit, disability allowance, registered students.

  • 1-3 items; £29.45 (£14.73)
  • 4-6 items; £51.60 (£25.80)
  • 7-10 items; £64.35 (£32.18)

To apply and pay for a collection please contact Council Connect.

Putting your large items out correctly

We will provide full instructions when you pay for the service. Items need to be available from 7am on the day of collection. Unfortunately, we cannot specify a time. Items are collected from one point outside your home at the front. If re-usable, we can collect it from the inside if accessible.

Not suitable for collection?

If you are told that we cannot accept your request for large item collection, there are alternatives:

  • Recycle; check whether the items are small enough to go into your green box or can be taken to our Recycling Centres;
  • Dispose; hire a registered waste carrier to remove the waste or check whether the waste can disposed via our Recycling Centres;
  • Donate; there are a number of local charities who may accept items that are reusable and in good condition.

The Genesis trust offer a FREE collection on your unwanted furniture and household items. Call 01225421111 or email furniture@genesistrust.org.uk to discusss your items and arrange a free collection*

*All items need to be in good condition and comply with health & safety regulations

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