Alternatively you can contact Council Connect on 01225 39 40 41 who can complete the application form on your behalf over the phone.

We understand that some residents will not be able to move their rubbish, recycling and/or garden waste to the edge of their property for collection.

If there is no-one in your household capable of moving your containers we will help. To request an assisted collection you will need to complete a simple application form. This will be assessed and we may need to contact you to discuss your needs.

We will contact to you to confirm, once your assisted collection has been agreed.

To ensure all information is accurate, assisted collections will be reviewed periodically. We have been asking all residents registered with an existing assisted collection to renew their requirement ahead of the service changes in November. You will therefore be prompted on the application form to confirm whether this is a new application or a request to renew an existing one.

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