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Recycling and rubbish collections on bank holidays

Recycling, food waste, rubbish and garden waste collections take place as usual on all bank holidays (Easter, May and August), except over the Christmas/New Year period. 

We will publish Christmas and New Year changes for 2018-19 here nearer the time.

If you need to check which week your rubbish collection is on please enter your address Services in Your Area  your address Services in Your Area for your next collection date. 

Our Recycling Centres are open on all bank holidays except for Christmas day, Boxing day and New Years day.

Click on the links below for further information:

Christmas recycling reminders

Recycle more and re-use at christmas

Severe weather- what to do

Christmas recycling reminders

If you have space for 2 green boxes we suggest you use the stickers we provided with your wheeled rubbish bin/re-usable rubbish bag and sort your boxes as shown below.

If you have only space for one green box please try and group the materials together in your box. You can always use other suitable containers you have already to put out any extra recycling you may have over the festive period.

Box 1 Paper and glass

  • Greetings cards – please remove ribbons or bows and glittery bits.
  • Paper including wrapping paper – white backed, non-foil types only. Do the scrunch test - if you scrunch it and it springs back, it's not foil.
  • All empty glass bottles and jars including drinks bottles, cranberry sauce and mincemeat jars. No need to remove labels. You can leave the metal tops on as we can recycle these.
  • Clothes, including worn out or unwanted Christmas jumpers, shoes (tied in pairs) and accessories. Any condition but they must be clean and dry so put in a plastic bag in your green box to keep dry, as we cannot recycle wet textiles.
  • Batteries – all household batteries but not loose please – please put in a tied plastic bag at the top of your green box so they don’t get mixed up with your paper.
  • Small electrical items such as broken fairy lights or electronic toys – please put in an open carrier bag next to your green box, so that our crews can see it is recycling.

Box 2 Cans and plastic

These can be mixed together in your box as they are separated by magnets in the recycling process.

  • Empty aerosols including cream, air fresheners, deodorant and shaving foam.
  • Rinsed tins and cans, including larger metal sweet and biscuit tins.
  • Clean foil from mince pies, quiches, meat trays and wrapping your turkey.
  • All empty plastic bottles including shampoo, washing up liquid, bleach bottles – rinse and squash to make more space in your green box, and put the lids back on.
  • Plastic tubs, pots and trays used for food including cream pots, mushroom trays, ice cream tubs and larger plastic sweet and biscuit tubs. No black plastic items please.

Blue bag

  • All cardboard packaging from presents and deliveries, mince pie boxes and tubes from inside wrapping paper and the cardboard from around Christmas crackers (make sure you remove all other non-cardboard items including sticky tape).
  • Brown paper
  • Food and drink cartons – please rinse and flatten.

Food recycling bin

Use your food recycling bin for all raw and cooked food including bones and turkey skin, plate scrapings, veg and fruit peelings, teabags, coffee grounds, nut shells and fruit stones – remember you can put your food waste in plastic bags if you prefer not to use the compostable liners.

Recycle more and re-use at Christmas

See our Top Tips for a greener Christmas

Severe weather- what to do

Our crews work hard to maintain usual services during severe weather, but sometimes delays do happen when roads are icy and driving conditions hazardous particularly for large, heavy vehicles.

We don’t take decisions to delay services lightly, but must consider the safety of our crews, pedestrians and other road users.

If severe weather continues for a long period please check our Current Collection Problems page for updates and our facebook page and and local radio and media.



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