Organising a textile collection at school is a great way to raise money while helping to recycle more.

How to organise a textile collection at school.

Lots of companies will pay schools for collecting textiles and you can find them on the internet.  Alternatively, if you're not sure who to choose, you may wish to go to Bristol Textile Recyclers (BTR).  They will pay you up to 40p for every kilo of clothes, shoes and accessories (bags and belts) that you collect.  Contact BTR at or call 0117 9717349 or go to their website at 

You simply choose a date and time for collection and ask families to bring in their bagged clothes and shoes on the day.  Your textiles will be weighed and you will be given a receipt.  Payment will be sent to your school shortly after.  BTR can help you publicise your event with a downloadable leaflet and assembly.

Want to do more?

Why not make textile collections a regular part of your school's calendar?  Some schools arrange a collection once a term, raising even more funds and helping to recycle more.  Alternatively, you might want to host a textile recycling bank at your school so you can recycle all year round.  BTR and lots of other companies will supply and empty the bank and pay you for the textiles they collect. 

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Why textile recycling is important

  • Almost 1/3 clothing (around 350,000 tonnes) goes to landfill every year - that's an estimated £140 million worth.* 
  • Over 5% of the UK's total annual carbon and water footprints result from clothing consumption.*
  • Extending the average life of clothes by 9 months would save £5b in resources used to supply, launder and dispose of clothing.*

By thinking about how we buy and dispose of clothes and by making them last longer we can reduce the environmental and financial impact caused by our clothing.
* WRAP - Valuing our Clothes report (

Contact details and more information

For more information, please contact or call Council Connect 01225 39 40 41.  Please also go to our Textiles page.

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