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Affordable Housing Delivery at St Chads, MsN16-03-2018£200k public subsidy is sought from the Affordable Housing Capital Budget to support new delivery at St Chads by Curo Places.
10% increase in some non-statutory planning fees13-03-2018Costs for some discretionary services such as Householder Development Questionnaires and Copy Document costs have increased and current charges are not covering the increasing cost of delivery
New charging schedule for Development Team preapps13-03-2018The cost of delivering Development Team pre-app advice (discretionary service) has risen and current charges do not always cover the cost of delivery.
Revised Building Regulation Charges07-02-2018Inflationary increase in building regulation charges from 2nd April 2018.
Land Charges Fees07-02-2018Inflationary increase in Land Charges fees for 2018/19
Business Rate Forecast 2018-1930-01-2018The authority is required under paragraph 40 of schedule 1 to the Local Government finance Act 2012 to make calculations, and supply information on their anticipated collectable business rate income for the following year. This report sets out the calculations and seeks approval by the Council’s Chief Financial Officer. These figures will form part of the funding in relation to the Council’s 2018/19 budget.
To make the Whitchurch Village Neighbourhood Plan18-12-2017To issue to decision statement to make the Whitchurch Village Neighbourhood Plan part of the development plan following Cabinet decision on 6th December 2017
Council Tax Base 2018-1914-12-2017The calculation of the tax base for the area and the amounts for each Parish are set out for the Chief Finance Officer (as authorised Section 151 officer) to approve, and to notify the relevant precepting bodies accordingly. The Section 151 Officer is required to estimate the amount of any surplus or deficit on the Collection Fund as at 31st March 2018. This must be done by the 15th January 2018 (or first working day thereafter), and the Chief Finance Officer is also asked to approve the balance projected related to Council Tax.
Saw Close Casino Limited 12-12-2017The novation of a Schedule 9 agreement under the Gambling Act 2005 made on 16 August 2012 to Saw Close Casino Limited.
Updated Land Hire Agreements in Parks08-12-2017The land hire agreement conditions for the hire of parks and green spaces, and the hire agreement conditions for a wedding venue in one of the Council's parks have been updated.
Delegated changes to the Joint Spatial Plan22-11-2017Full Council agreed the West of England Joint Spatial Plan on 9th November for publication, delegating the authority to the Strategic Director for Place in consultation with the Council Leader to make modifications to the JSP prior to publication
E2838 Bath Quays – in-project budget re-allocation17-11-2017SMD E2838 approved £12.057m of capital funding to deliver a suite of projects on Bath Quays. Development of the project programme has more accurately defined the project elements and Council assets being delivered necessitating revisions to project budget allocations
Allotment chargesfor September 2018 onwards17-11-2017To agree charges for allotments from Sept 2018 and to agree the principle of future years increases to reduce the Council subsidy.
Sport England Grant - Bath LC06-11-2017To accept the terms of the grant funding agreement with Sport England for £1.5m for Bath Sports and Leisure Centre
Sport England Grant - Keynsham LC06-11-2017To accept the terms of the grant funding agreement with Sport England for £0.5m for Keynsham Leisure Centre
2018/19 fees for land hire and events26-10-2017To agree fees for events happening from 1st April 2018 so that advanced bookings are charged correct rates upfront.
Parks venue hire charges from 1st April 201826-10-2017To agree fees for venues and events in parks such as weddings, being held from 1st April 2018 so that advanced bookings are charged correct rates up front.
Delivery of 24 affordable homes in Radstock24-10-2017Curo Housing Group are proposing to deliver 24 additional affordable homes for rent and shared ownership in Radstock. This £3,819,000 development is largely funded by HCA grant and Curo's borrowing and internal subsidy, but requires £15k additional capital subsidy to improve affordability of the rented units.
Waste Transfer Station change of opening times20-10-2017From 6th November increased vehicle congestion at Bath Transfer Station in the afternoon is anticipated due to the new refuse collection service settling in and we don't want to increase the congestion by receiving trade customers at the same tie, causing delays for both the refuse crews and traders.
Claverton Neighbourhood Plan Designation18-10-2017Claverton Parish would like to prepare a neighbourhood plan - to proceed they need to be designated as a neighbourhood area