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IT Asset Refresh 2018/1916-07-2018Aging IT assets that have been prolonged beyond their recommended life cycle to save money and have reached the point where they now require replacement to support critical council IT systems in all departments.
Community Run Libraries - approval of applications12-07-2018Three applications to run a Community Run Library have been received, they have been assessed against a number of criteria which includes: governance, equalities, and community consultation. They have all followed the approved process set out in the Cabinet Decision E3000 and meet the criteria of the programme.
Mulberry Park & Foxhill LLP29-06-2018To agree a Local Lettings Policy covering the Mulberry Park and Foxhill area in accordance with the Council’s Homesearch Policy.
Parade Gardens Entrance fee for non-residents19-06-2018The current fee for non-residents to enter Parade Gardens is £1.50 and 80p for concessions during peak season. Residents of B&NES can access the gardens for free. The fee is to be increased to reflect inflationary increases in costs and the higher specification and maintenance regime the gardens are maintained to during peak season.
Award contract for Local Energy Tariff 16-05-2018The Local Energy Tariff project will offer a local energy tariff for B&NES residents through a partnership with an energy supplier in order to deliver a range of benefits over time for the residents of Bath & North East Somerset.
Avon & Somerset MAPPA Accomdation Protocol09-05-2018Adoption of updated Avon & Somerset MAPPA Accommodation Protocol
PRE- TRANSFER PROPERTY RENOVATIONS CAPITAL BUDGET 09-05-2018It was initially agreed that upfront costs for refurbishing properties, that will transfer to ADL from the Council, would be carried out pre-transfer by the Council. These costs were to be funded from a capital budget of £1.4m established under Officer delegated powers registered on 31st March 2017. In future it is likely most of these works will be commissioned from ADL/ACL which now has its own tax efficient structures and is Teckal compliant. Following a number of building transfers to ADL, it has become clear additional notional capital budget is required due to new properties & sites having been added to the programme, and cost increases especially from essential fire separation works.
Council Guarantee for ACL Building Contract 02-05-2018Guarantee for the contractual commitments of ACL pursuant to a Building Contract with Kier Construction Limited in relation to the approved development of Riverside Keynsham. ACL is a wholly owned subsidiary of ADL a company wholly owned by the Council. ACL is a newly formed company and has no trading history. Kier Construction requires the Council to guarantee the contractual obligations of ACL to enable it to enter into the Building Contract with ACL. The Council entered into a Development Agreement with ADL & ACL in respect of Keynsham Riverside. The Development Agreement provides for the Council to enter into a guarantee of this nature. The Council agreed with ACL to provide a guarantee in return for a premium of £19,000 to be paid by ACL to the Council. The premium was determined in accordance with EU guidance on guarantees and using the safe harbour provisions.
Revoke two Local Lettings Policies10-04-2018Following Curo's decision to cancel the regeneration and demolition of the Foxhill estate, the agreed Local Lettings Policies are no longer required
New Care Home Fees and Rates for 2018/1923-03-2018This decision is to set the standard fees for care homes for the year 2018/19.
Westfield NDP to proceed to publicity consultation22-03-2018To proceed to publicity consultation a delegated decision is needed for the Westfield neighbourhood plan.
Write-off irrecoverable debts over £500019-03-2018This decision to write-off amounts due to the Council in excess of £5000 is delegated to the Divisional Director of Customer Services in consultation with Cabinet Member for Finance and Efficiency, the Chief Finance Officer/ Section 151 Officer and the Head of Legal Services/ Council Monitoring Officer as required.
Affordable Housing Delivery at St Chads, MsN16-03-2018£200k public subsidy is sought from the Affordable Housing Capital Budget to support new delivery at St Chads by Curo Places.
10% increase in some non-statutory planning fees13-03-2018Costs for some discretionary services such as Householder Development Questionnaires and Copy Document costs have increased and current charges are not covering the increasing cost of delivery
New charging schedule for Development Team preapps13-03-2018The cost of delivering Development Team pre-app advice (discretionary service) has risen and current charges do not always cover the cost of delivery.
Revised Building Regulation Charges07-02-2018Inflationary increase in building regulation charges from 2nd April 2018.
Land Charges Fees07-02-2018Inflationary increase in Land Charges fees for 2018/19
Business Rate Forecast 2018-1930-01-2018The authority is required under paragraph 40 of schedule 1 to the Local Government finance Act 2012 to make calculations, and supply information on their anticipated collectable business rate income for the following year. This report sets out the calculations and seeks approval by the Council’s Chief Financial Officer. These figures will form part of the funding in relation to the Council’s 2018/19 budget.
WOE joint waste treatment contract re-procurement20-12-2017In 2010 the four authorities of the West of England Waste Partnership (Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol City, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire) entered into a contract for the provision of Residual Municipal Waste Treatment. This contract expires in 2020 with no option for a further extension. New arrangements for the treatment and/or disposal of this waste post 2020 now need to be secured.
To make the Whitchurch Village Neighbourhood Plan18-12-2017To issue to decision statement to make the Whitchurch Village Neighbourhood Plan part of the development plan following Cabinet decision on 6th December 2017