The JLAF was established in July 2003 pursuant to a duty set out by the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000.  Appointments to the JLAF are made so that there is a balance between landowner, user and other interests within the membership.  Mark O'Sullian is the Chair of the JLAF.  The JLAF's voluntary membership includes a variety of interests, including those of land managers, users and one Councillor from each authority involved .  Membership appointments are reviewed once every two years and there are then opportunities for new applications to be considered.   
Mark O’Sullivan
Chair of the JLAF
Membership Category: Other
Mark is a member of the Cotswolds Conservation Board with an interest in promoting the rural economy.
Councillor Keith Burchell
Membership Category: Council representative
Nominated as a JLAF Member by South Gloucestershire Council.
Councillor Peter Abraham
Membership Category: Council representative
Nominated as a JLAF Member by Bristol City Council.
Councillor Liz Richardson
Membership Category: Council representative
Nominated as a JLAF Member by Bath & North East Somerset Council.
Chris Bloor
Membership Category: User interests
Chris is the Local Correspondent for the Open Spaces Society and a cross-country runner.  He has published books of circular routes linking to the Community Forest Path. 
Chris Barrable
Membership Category: User interests
Chris is a member of the TRF (Trail Riders Fellowship) and a cyclist and motorcyclist who enjoys walking long distance routes.
Rennie Dickens
Membership Category: Other
Rennie has over 30 years experience in public rights of way and access management.
Ann Fay
Membership Category: User interests
Ann is the local BHS Access and Bridleways Officer for South Gloucestershire and Bristol and works with people with disabilities.
Andrew Gough
Membership Category: User interests
Andrew is a member of the Bristol Cycling Campaign and has an interest in removing barriers to access.
Peter Gould
Membership Category: User interests
Peter is the Bristol Area Footpath Secretary for the Ramblers' Association and author of publications about exploring the countryside.

John Gunnery
Membership Category: Land managing interests
John is a landowner and farmer who provides Toll Rides for horses and member of the Country Land and Business Association.
Christopher Simpson
Membership Category: Land managing interests
Chris is a farmer who would like to encourage people to learn more about the countryside and rural issues.
Keith Weller
Membership Category: User interests
Keith is a member of the Ramblers’ Association and a volunteer with the Avon Ramblers’ Volunteer Wardens and the Cotswold Wardens.

Kenneth Mill
Membership Category: User interests
Kenneth is a keen walker with experience of web editing and route-building to encourage greater participation in outdoors activities.
Kate Chubb
Membership Category: Land managing interests
Kate manages land on the B&NES/South Gloucestershire border and has a keen interest in nature conservation.
Peter Bird
Membership Catagory: User interests
Peter is the Chair of South Gloucestershire's PROW Liaison Group and a keen walker.
Robert Davies
Membership Category: User interests
Robert is a member of Priston Parish Council and the Campaign to Protect Rural England
Donald MacIntyre
Membership Category: Land managing interests
Donald manages over 300ha of farmland to the north of Bath and advises landowners about the restoration of land for the benefit of landscape features.
John Darvill
Membership Category: Other interests
John is a Chartered Architect and has worked as an inclusive access adviser on a broad range of projects including those relating to the London Olympic Park and Great Windsor Park.
Kathy Thomas
Membership Category: User interests
Kathy is the Chair of Peasedown St John Parish Council and is a keen long-distance walker.
Philip King
Membership Category: Land managing interests
Philip farms land in South Gloucestershire and walks over 2,000 miles per year on National Trails and other footpaths.
Richard Watson
Membership Category: Other interests
Richard is a Trails and Access Officer for the Cotswold AONB and has previously worked for the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust.
Ruth Howard
Membership Category: User interests
Ruth has previously worked as a Policy Adviser in DEFRA's Access and Recreation Team and has an interest in making nature more accessible to members of the public.
Graeme Stark is Secretary to the JLAF and works, in this capacity, on behalf of Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol City and South Gloucestershire Councils.

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