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Library Link is a trial service that will be provided for three weeks between Monday 18 June and Friday 6 July when the mobile library is going to be off the road for staff holidays and planned maintenance. The aim of Library Link is to provide mobile library customers with continued access to Library Services.  The trial will initially run in the Bath area only.

There have been a number of occasions where the mobile library service has not been available. Library Link means customers can still access library services even when the mobile library is not running.

What are the benefits of using Library Link?

The aim of Library Link is to offer customers an alternative service while the mobile library is unavailable. The benefits are that you will have a free journey to and from  Bath Central Library and more time at the library to browse the resources and access the wider library facilities. All rules relating to loan periods and charges for the mobile library service will apply to customers using Library Link

How will the Library Link service work?

Library Link is being provided through our community transport partners.  Their vehicles will be used to collect mobile library customers from their current mobile library stop and take them to Bath Central Library. A return service will also be provided.

Will the Library Link replace the existing mobile library?

No. Library Link will only be provided for the period of the trial, when the mobile library is not running. After the trial has finished customers will be asked for feedback, which will be used to determine whether the trial has been successful and is of benefit.

Will the Library Link service be different to the service delivered by the mobile library?

Yes. Library Link will collect customers from their existing mobile library stops, dropping them at Bath Central Library. A return service will also be provided. The pick-up and drop off times mean that customers will benefit from approximately 1½ hours at Bath Central Library, providing plenty of time to browse and use the full facilities on offer, including the Peoples Network computers and attending any events of interest being held during this time.

I have never been to Bath Central Library – how will I find the books I want?

The staff at Bath Central Library are very helpful and knowledgeable and know that customers who usually use the mobile library will be coming to the library during the trial period. When you present your token to the member of staff at the counter they will be able to show you where to find the items and services you need and introduce you to other resources not available on the mobile library that you might like to try.

Will Library Link cover all the mobile library areas?

No. For the period of the trial Library Link will only provide service to customers within the following areas: Newton St Loe, Newbridge, Bathampton, Odd Down/Combe Down and Bathford/Batheaston. (A full list of stops can be found on the timetable)  If the trial is successful we may look to serve more areas in the future.

How will customers access services during the trial period that the mobile library service will not be available (outside of the Bath area)?

The Library & Information Service at Midsomer Norton and Keynsham together with the branch libraries in Saltford, Radstock, Paulton, Moorland Road and Weston will be open as usual.  Even though the mobile library is going to be off the road customers can still access the library service at these locations as well as online on the Council website and Archives,  online to LibrariesWest,  or by contacting Council Connect on 01225 394041.

If the trial is successful will the Library Link continue and be rolled out to the rest of the area?

This depends on the outcomes of the trial including customer feedback.  No decisions have been made but if the trial is successful and provides benefits to customers we may look to serve more areas in the future when the mobile library is unavailable. 

Where will Library Link pick up/drop off within my area?

Library Link will collect you from the current mobile library stops within the Bath area. You will need to be at your stop for 10.00am and the aim is to drop you at Bath Central Library for approx. 10.30am. Please see the timetable for full details including times.

The vehicle for your return journey will leave Bath Central Library (outside the Hilton Hotel) at 12.00pm.  Please ensure that you leave adequate time for your return journey as delays may result in you missing the return vehicle.

I can’t make the times that Library Link is available, are there other times available?

No. Library Link operates in line with the timetable. No additional pick up or drop off times or locations are available other than those stated. However, you can get onto the Library Link bus at a different collection point or on a different day to your normal stop - you just need to book in advance 

Do I need to book Library Link if I want to visit Bath Central Library?

Yes. If you want to visit Bath Central Library using the service you must book 24 hours in advance by contacting Library Link on 01225 335019.  You will need to state that you want to use the  Library Link’ service and confirm the date, your pick up location (this must be an existing mobile library stop on the timetable) and the number of seats (including seats for children) required.

Please note that we don’t carry child seats or booster seats so you must bring your own if needed. Any pushchairs will also need to be folded.

Do I have to pay for using Library Link to get to Bath Central Library?

No. There are no costs to use Library Link; however you must ensure you pre-book your seat(s) at least 24 hours in advance.  If you have a Diamond Travelcard you must show this to the driver both when you are collected from your library stop and when you return from Bath Central Library.

A token system will be in place.  When you are collected from your library stop the driver will give you a black travel token. Then this token must be exchanged at the library service desk for a white return travel token. The white travel token must be handed to the driver on your return journey in order for you to qualify for free transport.

What happens if I lose my return travel token?

You will need to contact a member of the library staff at the main service desk, however you need to be aware that if you do not have a return travel token you may be charged £6.00 per person (£3.00 per person for customers with a Diamond Travelcard) or refused transport. Customers are therefore encouraged to obtain a white return travel token from the main service desk as soon as they arrive at the library and keep it in a safe place, ready to hand to the driver on their return journey.



Pick up/drop off point

Collection from Stop
(this may fluctuate depending on volumes/traffic)

Collection from Bath Central Library


Newton St Loe

Village Centre (view map)





Selbourne Close (view on map)

Meadow Court (view on map)

St John’s hospital (view on map

Partis Way (view on map





The Harbutts (view on map)

Holcombe Lane (view on map)

George Inn (view on map)

Devonshire Road (view on map)




Odd Down / Combe Down

Upper Bloomfield Road (view on map)

Hawthorn Grove (view on map)

The Firs (view on map)

Chelwood Drive (view on map





Avon Court (view on map)

London Road East (view on map)

Bathford School/nursery (view on map)

Mountain Wood (view on map)



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