In July 2015 a single Member decision by a Cabinet Member for Children Services considered a report on School and Holiday Dates for the 2016-17 School year.  The Member agreed:-


To note that the majority of local schools and academies can already set their own term and holiday dates, by virtue of being an Academy, Voluntary Aided or Foundation School and that the Deregulation Bill allows every school to set their own dates; 


In order to maximise consistency of dates for the benefit of children and their parents, to recommend to all schools and academies the Council's preferred calendar of School Term and Holiday dates for the academic year 2016-17 based on a 195 day calendar.


To recommend to all schools and academy governing bodies that good practice would be to consult parents and take account of their views in the event that they propose any variation from the recommended calendar.


As these dates are only a recommendation for schools to adopt you should check with the individual school if you wish to know the dates they will be using.


Term Dates 2016/17

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