If you’ve never run a food business before, starting one up can be a challenging and potentially expensive process. There are lots of things to think about; sourcing your ingredients, disposing of the business’ waste, learning how to handle food safely... and that’s before you even get an unannounced inspection from Environmental Health!

Mistakes can be costly to fix in the food industry and are often avoidable – this is where our New Business Start-up Service can assist! By advising you on setting up your food business, we can help you start trading on the right path and save you money in the long run. Having good standards in place will help you get a good Food Hygiene Rating when the Environmental Health Officer inspects your business, and can boost your reputation as a food establishment. Whether you want to set up a smaller home business selling sandwiches to the local café or are planning to open a restaurant, we can provide you with advice suited to your business that will you help you achieve legal compliance while saving time and money.

By purchasing our New Business Start-Up package, you will receive direct advice on setting up your business safely from an experienced food safety officer. Once you have explained what food you are planning to sell and/or make, the officer will be able to assess what you’ll need to do to be compliant with the law during the early stages of your business’ development, and offer advice on any other ideas you might have. If you have a business premises already set up, they will also be able to tell you what Food Hygiene Rating your business would be likely to get at that point in time.

The package is competitively priced at £195 and includes:

  • 2 hours of officer time. This can take the form of an on-site visit, scheduled meetings or advice – you decide. If you are unsure of what you want, you can talk to us about what we feel would be best for your needs. If you do not spend all of your allotted time with your officer, you can also  use the remaining time to contact them for further advice directly.
  • A printed copy of the Food Standards Agency’s Safer Food Better Business pack, including a storage folder.
  • A personalised report by the officer who has worked with you. This report will help you by identifying areas for improvement, highlighting long-term goals for the business and offering advice on particular areas.

You can apply for this service using our online application form. Please ensure that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions before submitting an application.

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