Staff Toilets

You must provide toilet facilities for staff to use as part of your food business. Toilet facilities must not open directly into any areas in which food is handled or stored – there must be at least 2 doors of separation between these areas.  Toilets must be appropriately ventilated.

If you plan to add toilets or carry out any structural works on your premise, you should consult our Building Control and Planning departments to check that you have the relevant permissions to do so.

Customer Toilets

Bath and North East Somerset has not adopted the Miscellaneous Provision Act in relation to lavatory facilities for customers - therefore there is no obligation for existing businesses to provide them. However, we would recommend that you provide these facilities when opening a new business and that any existing facilities are upgraded and maintained to a suitable level. If you do not have customer toilets, it is good practice to provide signage to make customers aware of this fact.

If you are planning to add or change toilet arrangements for a business, you should contact our Building Control department to check that you have the relevant permissions.


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