Notice is given that Bath and North East Somerset Council in exercise of its powers

under section 14 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 intends to make an order the

effect of which will be to temporarily restrict traffic in the following roads by:

1) introduce a road closure in that length of Upper Borough Walls, Bath, from its junction

with Saw Close (from a point starting at chamfered corner of Gascoyne Place) to a

point extending from east of entrance to Bluecoat House) and

2) suspend parking in the following lengths of road:

a) Beauford Square – entire length, both sides of carriageway;

b) Saw Close: from northern point of ‘built-out’ kerb at entrance to Theatre Royal/Amerone Restaurant  north for remainder of Saw Close (to start of Barton Street) on the western

side of the carriageway;

c) Upper Borough Walls: from eastern end of works to junction with Bridewell Lane on southern side of carriageway;

d) Westgate Street: from a point 9m west of the junction of Cheap Street and Westgate Street for a distance of 23m, on the southern side of the carriageway;

e) Parsonage Lane: entire length (to enable ambulance access to Mineral hospital entrance);

  3) suspend the prohibition of driving between Westgate Street and Monmouth Street;


 This order is required because works are being or are proposed to be executed on or

 near the road  to enable the facilitation by North Midland Construction to undertake

 public realm improvement works in Saw Close in the carriageway and will be operative

 from 13th August 2017 for a maximum period of 3 months. The road will only be

 restricted as and when traffic signs are in position and may not be effected for the whole

 of the period but only for so long as is necessary to execute the works. This is anticipated

 to be for a period of 2 months.



Major diversion (all vehicles): from Seven Dials (Westgate Street/Saw Close side) -   Monmouth Street - Charles Street –    Green Park Road - Corn Street - St James’s Parade - Southgate Street - Broad Quay - Lower Bristol Road - Rossiter Road -  Pulteney Road - North Parade Road - Pierrepont Street - Orange Grove - High Street

Minor diversion (vehicles less than 3.5 tonne): from Saw Close to Barton Street (bollards removed temporarily)- Beauford Square (bollards removed temporarily) - Princes Street, Monmouth Street. Vehicles may also divert through Wood Street etc.



  Telephone 07970 136549

  Dated:  3rd August 2017




  Bath and North East Somerset Council

  Traffic Regulation Order Team

  Lewis House

  Manvers Street,   Bath BA1 1JG


Kelvin Packer

Highways and Traffic

Group Manager


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