Below is a link to the Safer Food Better Business pack for caterers and restaurants which helps them to manage food safety and comply with food safety law.


Are you using raw eggs in dishes? Or serving dishes where eggs are lightly cooked? This includes dishes such as chocolate mousse

There is some further information on the use of raw egg and the safe handling of eggs.

Sous Vide

Are going to do sous vide cooking?

Are you going to do vac packing and Sous Vide?

This provides advice on safe procedures for vac packing and risks to consider

Livers and Burgers

Are you going to be serving foods such as burgers and livers which require extra attention and care when cooking?

Livers such as calf, lamb and chicken are high-risk products and chicken livers in particular have been associated with cases of campylobacter food poisoning. The main cause being either inadequate cooking of livers or from cross-contamination of salads that are served with them. Cooking livers thoroughly enough to kill any food poisoning organisms in the centre is critical to ensuring a safe product, as well as preventing cross contamination from hands, equipment or other foods.

Chicken Liver Fact Sheet

 Below is a link to the Food Standards Agency Website which provides a safe method for cooking the livers.


If you are intending to cook burgers it is important that you are aware of the risks relating to the safe cooking and preparing of the burgers.

They need to be thoroughly cooked thorough with no pink in the middle. Burgers should be probed to check the temperature 70oc for two minutes.

Different Cuisines  

 Are you serving food of different cuisines? There are Safer Food Better Business packs available for food businesses which are serving different cuisines.

Safe Handling of Rice

Rice is a high risk product and needs to be handled with care it is important that if it is going to be cooked then cooled and reheated that these stages are done safely. 

Guidance can be found in this document.

Raw fish

Do you serve dishes that contain raw fish? You need to consider the risk relating to the fish. Including how it is prepared, stored and the traceability of the product.

Handling oysters

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