We aim to meet the customer standards for our organisation and offer the best customer care possible: 

  • Overall Satisfaction - Currently 86% of our customers are satisfied overall with the services we provide (Target 89%). Results were taken from online Customer Satisfaction Survey and the Allotments Annual Forum
  • Staff Attitude – 71.4% of customers found our staff to be friendly, polite and understood their needs (Target 100%)
  • Treated fairly - Currently 74% of customers felt that they were treated fairly (Target 100%)
  • Professionalism – 71.4% of customers felt that staff were professional and knowledgeable (Target 100%)
  • Information - 77% of customers felt that they were kept informed about progress and were given accurate and complete information (Target 80%)
  • Timeliness - 82% of customers agreed that the service responded to and dealt with the issue within expected timescales (Target 85%)
  • Delivery – 64.3% of customers agreed that we delivered what was promised and dealt with any problems that arose (Target 75%)


To view our full list of Customer Care Standards:


In addition we aim to:-

Ensure that parks are managed effectively
5 Green Flag Awards awarded for Parks in 2017/18.

Ensure that are trees are managed effectively (Target 100%)
100% of all inspections that were due to be carried out were completed.

Ensure that all play areas reach specified service standards (Target 100%)
100% of all playgrounds reached the specified service standards.

Ensure that all sites are managed safely (Target 100%)
100% of expected health and safety inspections were completed.

If you have any queries please contact:
Neighbourhood Environmental Services
Monday to Friday 8am - 5pm
Telephone: 01225 394041
Fax: 01225 480072
Website: www.bathnes.gov.uk


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