After Hours Initiative 

Do you live in Midsomer Norton?


After Hours is an exciting initiative to provide occasional but regular author talks and activities at times when the library is usually closed.  

What would you like to see happening in the library 'after hours'? Do let us know if you would like to come to future planning get togethers as we will be meeting again.

It would also be great if you let us know that you're interested by popping into the library (there are some 'After Hours' contact forms that can be completed) or email with your name and email and telephone number. If you'd like further details these can also be obtained by emailing June at the email address above.

Saltford Library has a similar group of people who are committed to providing exciting opportunities and keeping the library at the centre of their community. To see what they've been doing recently have a look at the Friends of Saltford Library page.

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