Food Hygiene rating

Food Hygiene Rating Scheme

Bath & North East Somerset Council  in partnership with the Food Standards Agency now operates the national Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS) replacing our previous ‘Scores on the Doors’ star rating scheme. The FHRS will gradually replace all the different schemes currently being used across the country and provide consumers with a single, easy to understand system. The FHRS has already won broad acceptance from local authorities, the catering industry, trade associations and consumer groups.

You can look up a food premises on our ratings list, such as your favourite restaurant, café or takeaway to check whether it has a good standard of hygiene.

See our food hygiene ratings list here

How are the ratings worked out?

Local food businesses are inspected to make sure that all food is handled and prepared safely.

After a premises has been inspected an overall number rating, from zero (the worst) to five (the best) is awarded, based on food safety standards found at the time of the inspection. Three areas are assessed with regard to compliance with food law:

  • Food hygiene

  • Structure and cleanliness

  • Confidence in management.

The rating does not reflect the quality of food or the standard of service provided to customers.

The food business operators are asked to display their award certificate. If they wish, a food business operator may appeal their score, request a revisit to be rescored and/or post a ‘right of reply’ on this website:

Please use the following forms to request any of these services:

Appeal Form

Right to Reply Form

Revisit/Rescoring Application Form


Further information:

The national ‘Food Hygiene Rating Scheme’ - Safeguards for food businesses

How your rating is calculated

For any further information please contact the food safety team

Scheme disclaimer

The food hygiene rating scheme is not an endorsement of current standards but merely reflects the score we awarded a premises at the time of their inspection. Nevertheless, we try very hard to make sure the information available on these pages is correct and in the case of the food hygiene rating scheme adheres to the FSA’s brand standard.


Following an inspection it may take up to 28 days for the new rating to appear on our website.

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