This permit is for businesses to give to their customers so they can park on-street in the zone that the business is located. 

Who Can Apply?

Any business can apply if they are located within a parking zone excluding the central zone, have no off street parking and are not in possession of residents parking permits for the same property.  These permits are for the use of customers to the business and not for use by staff.

How to Apply

Click here to download an application form.

Where You Can Park

You can park on street within the zone that your business is located. Please use the ‘Services in Your Area’ search to find out what zone your business is located in, you will find this under ‘Parking Permit’.

For a map of the zone please click here.

Cost (Annual)

1st Permit: £110
2nd Permit: £165

Terms and Conditions

Please see terms and conditions in the documents section.

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