Story time at the Children's Library

Children and young people of all ages are welcome at any library...

You can join online or by calling in to any library in person.

If you are under 15 you must have the permission of a parent or guardian to join the library. They will need to come with you to the library on your first visit. This is so they can sign your membership card and confirm that they are willing to be your guarantor. 

The main Children's Library is in Bath Central Library, with an additional activity room for story and rhyme times and events. A Young People's Collection is also available.

However, all our libraries have specific areas, items and computers for children, and run regular monthly events.

There are lower charges for many items and services for anyone under 18.

Children under 5 do not pay fines, and we do not charge for loss or damage to picture books and board books borrowed on an under 5s card, childminder’s card or by early years settings.

Visits for school classes

We can arrange visits at any time of the year on request. Visits can be arranged to the library, or members of staff can come out to see classes in individual schools. So if you'd like to arrange something - just email, give us a call or see a library manager at Bath Central Library.

Please note - certain times of the year can be very busy, especially over the summer during the National Reading Challenge and in October during National Book Week, so please get your requests in early! 


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