Broadlands School (West) pedestrian and cycle link

As part of the Getting around Keynsham Strategy the Council want to enable more people to walk and cycle, particularly by providing more and improved routes for pedestrians and cyclists.
One route identified for improvement connects the south of Keynsham (including the new housing developments) to local shops and schools (including Broadlands School and St Keyna Primary School). This route is documented as strategic in the Sustrans cycle route audit completed in 2014 and the Keynsham Place Making Strategy 2015. child cycling to school

This financial year Local Growth Fund and Section 106 Planning contribution funding has been allocated to improve a section of this route through Kelston Park
There is not sufficient funding to implement improvements along the entire route and so it is proposed that initially the focus on Kelston Park and in future years to improve links to and from here.
These improvements include widening and resurfacing existing paths as shown on the plan and relocating the play area gates. 

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