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The ‘Connecting Communities’ programme is an initiative designed to help public service providers listen to, and meet the needs of, all the diverse people and communities who live in the area.  The approach has been built around five key principles: ‘listen, prioritise, join-up, work with you and share ideas’. This initiative has come at the right time.  Getting the input of local people in order to design the right services is seen as increasingly important.  And as there is now much less public funding available, local people and neighbourhoods are being asked to help run services too.  Each area will be supported by a local ‘Forum’ that will work together to improve local engagement between the public services and the local communities and encouraging local people to talk to each other, share their skills and ideas. You are able to view the area profile for the Chew Valley on this page.

The Chew Valley Area Forum meeting dates

Key Positions and People involved with Keynsham Area Forum

B&NES Sponsor B&NES Lead Officer Forum Chair Forum Vice Chair
Mike Bowden Sara Dixon and Alison Wells Chris Head Tony Heaford

Chew Valley Area Forum meeting - 26th February 2018

The main theme for the meeting was Housing.  A number of guest speakers were invited to talk on the subject including Louise Davidson, B&NES Housing Team, Steve Watson, Wessex Comunity Land Trust and Jamie Tutton, Julian House.  The presentations from the meeting can be found below:-

Jamie Tutton, Outreach Worker from Julian House referred to a number of services that support people at risk of being homeless, rough sleepers or sofa surfing.  If anyone has any concerns about someone contact Julian House which is staffed 24/7, or report via the Streetlink.  They also operate a Severe Weather Extra Provision (SWEP) policy at their night shelter on Manvers Street.  

A report from Avon and Somerset Police was given.  Here is a copy of the report.

Chew Valley Area Forum meeting - 27th September 2017

The main theme for the meeting was Transport.  A number of guest speakers were invited to talk on the subject, including Hilary Burn, Chair of the Parish Councils Airport Association, Sarah Williams, from SWAN Transport, B&NES Officers to discuss the Chew Valley Transport Strategy and Cabinet Member, Councillor Mark Shelford.  The Chair of the Forum, Chris Head provide an update on the Joint Transport Study under the West of England Mayoral Authority.  The Forum also welcomed a number of young people from Chew Valley Secondary School who gave their own accounts of the challenges in getting around the Chew Valley.  

Below is a link to the presentations given:-

A report from Avon and Somerset Police was given.  Here is a copy of the report.

Chew Valley Area Forum meeting - 3rd July 2017

The main theme for the meeting was health and wellbeing.  We were delighted to welcome the CCG and the Virgin Care and Health Team, Denise Perrin from the Village Agents talking about their new project ‘Rural links’ with St Monica’s Trust and we also Sarah Williams-Martin from B&NES Dementia Action Alliance.

Below is a link to the presentations given:-

  • B&NES Dementia Action Alliance: speaker Sarah Williams-Martin – view video

  • Rural Links and Village Agents: speaker Denise Perrin, WERN - view presentation

  • B&NES CCG and Virgin care – The vision for community services and how to get involved: speakers Jo Scammell and Martha Cox – view presentation

Chew Valley Area Forum meeting – 29th November 2016

At the Forum meeting on the 29th November, the Council gave a presentation on their Budget Challenge which included a workshop of those in attendance.   Also a presentation was given on the West of England Joint Strategic Plan.    

A copy of the presentations are available below:-

Annual report

During the year the Forum had a varied programme of presentations and discussions, including the CCG ‘your care, your way’, the West of England Joint Spatial Plan, Early Years Services and the Libraries Future.  They also welcomed guest speakers from the Winford Brook PES, Mendip Lakes and Stroud Rural SuDS project who provided some interesting insights to their flood management plans and heard from the five neighbourhood plan groups about their progress.  An invitation was extended to Dundry and Winford Parish Councils in order to improve collaboration and engagement with communities across neighbouring authorities.

The Annual Report provides an update on the Forum’s achievements to date and planned actions for 2017.


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