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The ‘Connecting Communities’ programme is an initiative designed to help public service providers listen to, and meet the needs of, all the diverse people and communities who live in the area.  The approach has been built around five key principles: ‘listen, prioritise, join-up, work with you and share ideas’. This initiative has come at the right time.  Getting the input of local people in order to design the right services is seen as increasingly important.  And as there is now much less public funding available, local people and neighbourhoods are being asked to help run services too.  Each area will be supported by a local ‘Forum’ that will work together to improve local engagement between the public services and the local communities and encouraging local people to talk to each other, share their skills and ideas. You are able to view the area profile for Keynsham on this page.

Keynsham Area Forum meetings

Monday 25th September

The Forum was very pleased to welcome Keynsham NOW, the youth council for Keynsham, to lead on the first half of the meeting.  They had undertaken a survey of local young people to obtain their overall impression of Keynsham, what they think the main problems facing young people in the community are, what might be improved and the facilities/support they would like to see.  They then undertook the same survey with the Forum members at the meeting, asking them to think about how the young people might have answered.  The aim was to challenge decision makers on whether they know what young people want.  It was a thought provoking session and the Forum was very pleased to have young people participating in such a pro-active way.  The Forum also heard from Chris Head of the West of England Rural Network and Chair of the Chew Valley Forum on plans to mark the 50th Anniversary of the River Chew Flood.  There was an update from the Police and while the Fire Service were unable to be present, they did provide an update.  The information from the meeting can be found on the right hand side.

The next meeting will take place on 30th November, 6.30pm at the Community Space in Keynsham.  It will be the AGM for the Forum and an opportunity to hear about the Council's Budget.

Thursday 20th July

The Community Showcase returned with two presentations from Saltford Business Network and Saltford Community Association. We were delighted to welcome the CCG and the Virgin Care and Health Team, June Brassington from Keynsham and Saltford Dementia Action Alliance and Janet Dabbs from Bath and North East Somerset Age UK.

Below is a link to the presentations given.

  • Saltford Business Network and Saltford Community association - view presentation
  • Keynsham and Saltford Dementia Action Alliance - view video

  • B&NES CCG and Virgin care – The vision for community services and how to get involved: speakers Jo Scammell and Martha Cox – view presentation

Monday 6th March

At the Forum meeting on 6th March, had presentations on the Government Boundary Review that is currently taking place and on how the Council works to meet local housing need.  The presentations can be accessed by following the links below:

Annual report

During the year, the Forum had a varied programme of presentations and discussions, including the CCG ‘your care, your way’; the West of England Joint Spatial Plan, future of Policing and Community Safety, Flooding issues and the Libraries future.  The Forum also included a new addition ‘Community Showcase’ to the meetings to allow local organisations to highlight some of their projects, share good practice and encourage more collaboration. 

The Annual Report provides an update on the Forum’s achievements to date and planned actions for 2017. 

Key Positions and People involved with Keynsham Area Forum

B&NES Sponsor B&NES Lead Officers Forum Chair Forum Vice Chair
Louise Fradd

Sara Dixon and Alison Wells

Cllr Alan Hale Adrian Inker



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