You are applying for a Short Term Van Permit, for a vehicle borrowed, for example from a friend not living at this address, or an employer.

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Enter your street or postcode and then click ‘Lookup Address’. You can then select the correct address or ‘STREET NOT FOUND / NONE OF THE ABOVE’ and enter your details yourself

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Please enter the registration number of the vehicle and click Add. Repeat this for each vehicle you want to add to this permit.
Please note that you should only add the registration number of vehicles which are owned or solely used by someone living at the above address.


I confirm that I will be carrying my own household waste from my home (not commercial or industrial waste) to dispose of or recycle at the Recycling Centres.

I confirm that this permit cannot be used for waste created by a trader carrying out work on my home, or for a landlord bringing in waste from their rented properties.

Data Protection: In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, the information you provide will be shared within the Council and information will be obtained from within the Council, including Council Tax records and electoral roll, in order to verify and process your application. The Council will not share your information with any third parties without your consent.

For more information about how the Council handles your personal information please refer to the Council's website.