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Thu, 28/09/2017

Smokers in Bath and North East Somerset are being encouraged to stub it out next month with the launch of the sixth annual Stoptober challenge.

The 28-day stop smoking health promotion is being held by Public Health England which is urging people in Bath and North East Somerset to join the one million plus people who have taken part in the Stoptober challenge since it first started in 2012.

Research shows that anyone who can make it to 28 days smokefree is five more times likely to quit for good.

Councillor Vic Pritchard, (Conservative, Chew Valley South), Cabinet member for Adult Care and Health, said: “There are lots of ways to stop smoking and Stoptober can help you choose the best way for you. There’s lots of free support available through various social media platforms, face-to-face help, or via a dedicated app.

“Those who use stop smoking aids and get help from their local stop smoking services will increase their chances of packing in smoking for good.”

Dr Bruce Laurence, Director of Public Health for Bath and North East Somerset, said: We support Stoptober in Bath and North East Somerset because quitting for the whole of one month gets smokers over an important psychological barrier after which they are much more likely to be successful staying off in the long-term.

“We also gear up for extra demand on our quitting services, which make the odds much better still, and being part of a concentrated nationwide campaign adds further motivation - quit with a friend.

“In the past few years for those who need to reduce their nicotine addiction gradually there is the new option of e-cigarettes which will immediately, and greatly, reduce the risk to health of smoking - and will save you money. So you don’t have to go ‘cold turkey’ to save toward your Christmas turkey.”  

We are working in Partnership with Virgin Care and have a range of activities organised to help encourage people to sign up, via the website. These include:

  • A pop-up Shop in Bath town centre
  • Roadshow events across GP practices
  • Local events at Curo, Somerdale Pavilion, Bath One Stop Shop and Julian House

More information is available at

Free face-to-face support or telephone support is available to any smoker who lives and works in Bath and North East Somerset.

The support package includes stop smoking medications on prescription (subject to charges).

We are also an e-cigarette friendly service and so if you are thinking of using E-cigs as part of your Stoptober journey we can help you.

To find out more please call the Virgin Healthy Lifestyle Hub on 01225 831852 to arrange an appointment or visit the website at where you can find details of regular weekly stop smoking drop-in details. Or ask about a visit to your workplace.

There are 20,424 adult smokers in Bath and North East Somerset and while this is below the England average, we are working hard to reduce the number further.

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