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Wed, 28/02/2018

Bath & North East Somerset Council is aware that Curo have taken the decision to stop their comprehensive redevelopment of the Foxhill housing estate and to explore with their tenants options for refurbishing the existing social housing on the site.

We understand that Curo has committed to focusing significant investment in the refurbishment of existing Curo-owned homes over the next few years – to help deliver improvements to their tenants in Foxhill more quickly.

As the local planning authority, the Council has always taken a balanced view to this project.  However, the Council has always made it clear that it supports improvements to the quality of housing for local people, delivered in a way that has the broadest possible support amongst the Foxhill community, and the Council has made significant efforts to facilitate better communication between Curo and local residents. This has included working with residents and Curo to develop the Foxhill Charter and taking the lead in the successful application to Government for Housing Zone status. 

The Council therefore remains committed to the principles of improved housing and investment in the area, providing increased opportunities for residents in Foxhill.

We hope that Curo will take the opportunity to take stock of the situation and that they will continue to engage with their residents to give them more certainty over the future of the estate.

The Council will look at the implications of Curo’s decision in more detail over the coming weeks.

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