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Thu, 14/09/2017
Framptons restaurant

Children in Care in Bath and North East Somerset are being offered an entrée into the world of work by a fresh addition to Bath’s thriving restaurant scene.

Frampton’s Bar Café & Kitchen gave a warm welcome to an approach by Bath and North East Somerset Council looking for a work placement for a 15-year-old in its care. And, following the completion of it, has urged fellow businesses in the city to follow suit and help out.

Finding work placements for young people across Bath & North East Somerset is a challenge with take-up by local businesses remaining low.

Only 27% of businesses that responded to the West of England Local Enterprise Partnership Employer Skills Survey 2016 indicated that they offer work experience.

Bath & North East Somerset Council’s Employment & Skills team liaises with companies to support people in placements and encourage other firms to take part.

Councillor Paul Myers (Conservative, Midsomer Norton Redfield), Cabinet Member for Economic and Community Regeneration, said: “We have been so impressed by Framptons’ enthusiasm and commitment to supporting the young person. Their welcoming approach and the support of their team really put her at ease.

“The true measure of success is that the restaurant would like to continue working with us to support our young people.”

Framptons developed a dedicated programme of work for the week which included work in the kitchens, as well as front-of-house experience. The company also involved the young person’s foster carers, inviting them to the restaurant for lunch.

Destiny, said: “I got to know how a restaurant works and the different types of role in the industry, as well as cooking techniques, which will help me in the near future. They were kind and friendly to me and made me feel welcome and at ease.”

The new restaurant is the third Framptons have opened in Bath.

Ed McAdam, Director of Framptons Café Bar & Kitchen, said: “Given the opportunity to help a young person, particularly someone without a traditional support network, we were keen to get involved. We understand how hard it can be for young people to find work opportunities. Hospitality is not always seen as a long-term career option, but there are many career paths available and employees develop a wide range of skills.

“We were happy to work with the Council’s Employment & Skills Team to develop a programme of work for the week. This meant that we could give Destiny an insight into the whole business. She was an absolute pleasure to have. We are hoping that she will be back for a spot of weekend work in the future.”

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