Tim Warren

I spoke recently in my blog about the financial challenges facing Bath & North East Somerset. One of the outcomes of these challenges is that it makes us look afresh at new ways of delivering the services people need.

I will be joined by Ed Rowberry, Chief Executive Officer of Bristol & Bath Regional Capital (BBRC) and James Durie, Chief Executive of Bristol & West of England Chambers Initiative and we’ll be discussing future opportunities for investment locally. Less than two years on, BBRC is already proving a significant regional voice and mover and those involved with it believe it has the capacity to deliver a lot more. It has strong support from Bath Spa University and St John’s Foundation. I will be finding out more about its work and looking at whether we could become involved.

Later in the week I'll be meeting Jasmin Miller, who is the Deputy Member of youth parliament. She will be discussing the work she does and what she is hoping to achieve. It is good news that young people become involved in politics. I have heard Jasmin speak before and she is very impressive. 

Finally, I was delighted to take a trip down Memory Lane at the weekend when I visited the Gatcombe Park horse trials. As a former professional rider, it was a very enjoyable blast from the past, only being spoilt when I met up with one of my fellow Councillors (Matthew Davies) and he asked me how long ago was it that I last rode there. Made me feel pretty old!

I was particularly delighted with the success of local lad Alex Bragg who came in a very creditable third in the British Open Championship. My congratulations to him.