I’ve been involved in a lot of partnership meetings this week, working with local and national bodies to share experiences, learn from them and work together to everyone’s benefit.

On Thursday I took part in a round-table discussion with Jesse Norman, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, as well as local leaders and businesses. It proved to be a very helpful discussion with our neighbouring authorities about local growth and the importance of infrastructure, jobs and skills, and how we can work together.

On Friday I’m attending a Key Cities event in London.  The Key Cities group is made up of councils from across the country with similar strengths and similar challenges, and allows us to share our knowledge and learn from each other.

The Public Services Board meeting takes place in Bath next week. It brings together all the local public sector bodies in our area, and allows us to work together maintain a strategic overview of what our area needs and help improve efficiency and effectiveness in the way we work together.

I took a trip down to Cornwall for a family funeral earlier this week. Whilst it was a very sad day, it was good to see members of my extended family I haven’t seen for years - it’s such a shame it takes a funeral for us all to get together. Sticking with family, my son Tom was injured playing rugby for Chew Valley a couple of weeks ago; it was confirmed this week that he will need an operation to graft new ligaments onto his knee. As a keen rugby and tennis player he is somewhat disappointed to say the least, but resigned to the fact he will probably have to give up rugby and have a year away from tennis. But on the bright side, it will mend.