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Finding affordable housing

Richard's story

Following an accident, Richard Sheridan's life changed. Unable to work, he eventually lost his family and his home, through no fault of his own.

Richard's film explains how the Council helped him find an affordable home and regain his self-esteem.

If you or someone you know needs help with housing, you'll find information on all our services here.

How is the Council helping to change lives?

Working with Somer Community Housing Trust:

We have provided 369 extra affordable-homes in the last three years. Find out more.

We have given 831 improvement grants to local people for disabled access, fire-safety equipment and security measures in their homes. Find out more.

The Council's Warm Streets programme has given 693 grants towards loft or cavity wall insulation to help reduce heating bills and bring more people out of fuel poverty. Find out more

We manage Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefits, which are vital for maintaining a reasonable standard of living for 13,452 local people. Find out more.

Our Homefinder Scheme has helped 215 people find private rented accommodation, and so avoid homelessness. Find out more

The Council and its partners want to change lives by improving quality of life and developing sustainable communities now and in the future.

Find out how we are leading communities to an environmentally sustainable, low carbon future that is resilient to the expected changes to our climate.

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