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Zone boundary

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The zone boundary

Our analysis shows that a Class D Clean Air Zone (CAZ), charging all higher emission vehicles to drive in the city centre, would encourage a shift to cleaner vehicles or alternative transport. It would rapidly reduce harmful levels of NO2 in Bath to within EU and National legal limits during 2021.

This map shows the area of the city that we’re proposing to include within the zone from the end of 2020.

It’s been amended since it was first published in Spring 2018 to take account of residents’ views, and has been carefully drawn to reduce opportunities for short cuts.

boundary map

  • The proposed zone would deliver the required reductions in NO2 with the least impact on residents and the local economy when compared with a larger zone,
  • Our assessments show that there would be improved air quality on arterial roads (outside of the zone),
  • Assessments also show that the majority of roads outside of the zone would not see an increase in traffic, but would see an in improvement in air quality.
  • Some roads outside of the zone might see a slight increase in traffic only, but these would be closely monitored and any problems would be addressed through traffic management.

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