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Supporting measures

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Supporting measures

Alongside the proposed charging Clean Air Zone, we’re considering a package of supporting measures to help people embrace cleaner, greener ways of getting around.

We’re also looking into how we can help local families and businesses that need it most with financial support to upgrade from certain non-compliant vehicles.

In addition, we want to encourage better use of the park & ride and public transport, so we’re working closely with bus operators to help them to secure Government funding to upgrade their engines. We anticipate that all buses will be compliant by the time a zone is introduced.

Proposed supporting measures

The following proposals are dependent on funding from the Government and any surplus revenue from the zone in the future.

No decisions have been made and we’d like to hear your views.

Projects under way

  • Retrofitting older buses
  • An air quality awareness campaign to encourage a shift in travel behaviour

Subject to funding by 2021

  • Additional retrofitting of older buses
  • Anti-idling enforcement
  • Reduced cost of parking permits for ultralow emission vehicles such as fully electric cars
  • Additional and improved cycle parking
  • Additional and improved electric vehicle charging points
  • Extended opening hours at the park & ride sites, plus secure overnight parking
  • Walk/scoot/cycle-to-school initiatives
  • Financial support schemes for residents and businesses that need it most (see below) 

Financial assistance:

We are currently asking for Government funds and looking carefully at a grant scheme to help residents that need it most to upgrade from pre-Euro 4, non-compliant vehicles to a compliant vehicle i.e. Euro 4 petrol or above. We’re also looking at an interest free loan scheme to help local businesses to upgrade pre-Euro 6, non-compliant commercial vehicles.

Subject to funding post-2021

  • Additional improvements to walking and cycling routes
  • Introduction of electric cycle hire in the city
  • Expansion of low-emission car and van clubs in the city
  • Public transport improvements on key routes into the city and within the zone
  • Smaller park & ride sites along existing bus routes
  • Support for local HGV owners to retrofit Euro 4 and 5 diesel vehicles

More information

Our consultation is now closed. For more information, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

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