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Exemptions and concessions

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Exemptions and concessions

The Government has told us that we must reduce NO2 in Bath to within EU and National limits in the shortest possible time and by 2021 at the latest. After extensive analysis, a Class D Clean Air Zone was determined to be the most effective option to meet this target.

This means that all higher emission vehicles would be charged when driving in the zone from the end of 2020, should our proposal be approved.

While we anticipate that 75% of vehicles would be compliant by 2021, we want to help those with non-compliant vehicles to adapt to the proposed zone, especially vulnerable groups.

We also recognise that some special vehicle types would be very expensive or difficult to retrofit or upgrade.

We’re therefore considering a range of local exemptions and concessions to reduce the impact on the community and local economy.

National exemptions

The Government has made a small number of vehicles nationally exempt from paying a charge to enter a Clean Air Zone.

  • Vehicles within the historic vehicle tax class
  • Vehicles within the disabled passenger vehicle tax class
  • Military vehicles

Proposed local exemptions and concessions

We’re considering the following local exemptions and concessions in the proposed zone, provided that the necessary air quality improvements are made in the shortest time possible.

No decisions have yet been made.

Proposed local exemptions

  • Motorcycles and mopeds
  • Vehicles driven by disabled people
  • Vehicles within the special concessionary tax class, including agricultural machines, mowing machines, electric, gritters, snowplough and steam vehicles
  • National Health Service vehicles
  • Vehicles passing through the zone on a valid trade license plate
  • Emergency vehicles (as a concession until 2025)

Proposed local concessions

Delaying the introduction of charges until 1 Jan 2022 for:

  • Euro 4/5 diesel vehicles being used by blue badge holders
  • Euro 4/5 diesel vehicles being used by empolyees of registered healthcare providers*
  • Euro 4/5 diesel vehicles being used by registered community transport providers
  • Euro 4/5 diesel accessible taxi and private hire vehicles
  • Euro 5 diesel hybrid vehicles
  • Euro 5 diesel taxi and private hire vehicles

*We are considering delaying the introduction of charges until 1 January 2022 for Euro 4 and 5 diesel vehicles being used by employees of registered healthcare providers for work purposes. Registered healthcare providers provide community health and social care services within the proposed zone.

Delaying the introduction of charges until 1 Jan 2025 for:

  • Emergency service vehicles
  • Recovery vehicles or breakdown trucks over 3,500kg
  • Vehicles in the special vehicles tax class
  • Vehicles in the special types tax class
  • Vehicles in the general haulage vehicle tax class
  • Euro 4/5 diesel coaches with valid educational trip permits

These are all subject to further assessment and the Council meeting its air quality targets by 2021 at the latest.

See also Supporting measures

More information

Our consultation is now closed but for further information, please see Frequently Asked Questions.

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